Relay New Hampshire Toll-Free Numbers
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We’re here to help!  All services are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, except where noted.

Customer Relations Manager for Relay New Hampshire


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Relay New Hampshire Relay Services


A man typing on a TTY.

Standard Phone User.

A man talking on a smartphone.

voice carry over.

A smiling woman listening on a handset and reading captions on a VCO phone.


A DeafBlind man reading braille on a TeleBraille device.

Hearing Carry Over.

A man wearing a headset to listen to the other party and typing on a VCO phone.

Relay New Hampshire Speech-to-Speech Services

Speech to Speech Service.

A man holding a phone to his ear and talking.

Relay Conference Captioning (RCC)

Relay Conference Captioning.

A business woman reading captions of a conference call on a tablet. In the background business people are seated around a speakerphone.

TRS Customer Profile


An open laptop showing the TRS Customer Profile webpage.

Internet Relay

Sprint IP Relay Support Service.

A women participating in a phone conversation via Sprint IP Relay app on a tablet.

International Relay

Drawing of a telephone handset next to a globe.

Drawing of a telephone handset next to a globe.

If 711 does not work